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Question: Do these trees grow in south Africa and if not what can I replace it with?

Apple – The Apple tree is one of the most sacred trees, holding the energy of eternal youth and happiness in the afterlife. Cutting down an Apple tree was considered so unlucky in Ireland that they would call for a sacrifice of a person as payment for such wrongdoing.

Alder – Alder is associated with rebirth (resurrection), as the petals on the Alder tree reflect the spiral pattern of creation. Use Alder for situations concerning death or birth.

Rowan – The tree of fire, Rowan represents inspiration and vitality. Leaves of Rowan may be used to increase psychic powers, while the branches of the Rowan tree are often used for fabricating wands. If you had a magickal wand, made from the Rowan tree, what would you want to manifest?

Willow – The Willow embodies similar energy to that of the Moon. It provides protection from nightmares, harm, and betrayal.
Hawthorne – The tree associated with purification and chastity, this tree is used to bring forth a lighter energy, that of the fairy. It is no wonder that the Hawthorne tree is sacred to fairies, and cutting one down brings misfortune.

Holly – Holly is associated with luck and protection. Holly leaves are sometimes used for divination, as the number of berries indicates the severity of the coming winter.

Maple – With a sweetness like syrup, the Maple attracts love, money, and luck. It is often used for treasure chests and jewelry boxes holding your most precious items. Maple will offer the sweet allure to attract what you want.

Ash – The Ash tree is an ancient tree, associated with the Norse, and sacred to Poseidon, God of the Sea. Placing ash leaves under your pillow will aid in prophetic dreams

Hazel – Hazel is the tree that blooms with wisdom. Hazel nuts are strung and used for happiness within the home. Forked Hazel branches are often used as dowsing rods to aid in divination and locating water or hidden objects.

Elder – The Elder tree is associated with magick and manifestation. If hung over doorways, it repels negative spirits and energies, but if burned, it calls forth and invites negative spirits.